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Visa/Entry Permit

Getting Into Bhutan

All International tourists wishing to enter Bhutan must obtaining visa clearance prior to their travel. It must be pre-arranged through a license Bhutanese Tour Operator like Baeyul Excursions through an online system.

There are several types of Bhutan visa, depending on the purpose.

  • Transit Visa (type A & B)
  • Short Term Visa (type C)

The most common visa to Bhutan is Short Term (type C), which is used by all business travelers and tourist alike. Your Bhutan visa is issued by the Department of Immigration through the local Bhutanese Tour Operator like Baeyul Excursions accredited with Tourism Council of Bhutan. Travelers need to wire the full tour payment via-bank transfer to the jointly account between Baeyul Excursions and Tourism Council of Bhutan, and after receiving the full payment the local tour operator we will apply your Bhutan visa. Bhutan does not encourage or issue visa for backpackers. Movement in the country beyond the set program developed by Baeyul Excursions and unaccompanied tour guide is strictly prohibited.

To obtain your Bhutan visa need to send the clear scanned copy of the photo page of your passport to Baeyul Excursions, who will then apply for a visa? Make sure your passport should be minimum six months validity. As mentioned above the visa will be formalized only after the full tour payment of your stay including the visa fee is made to our account. Your tour payment will go directly to the government account and it is all the way safe. The process of visa takes more than 72 working hours.

At the point of entry to Bhutan, you need to provide the copy of your Bhutan visa, which, we will send you prior your travel and after which it will bear the special stamp in your passport.

Document required for visa permission

  • Original clear scanned copy of the photo page of your passport
  • Visa Validity minimum six months
  • Conformed ticket of both incoming and outgoing flight
  • Conformation of the hotel in Bhutan
  • Conformed Itinerary
  • Statement from the bank
  • Visa Fee: USD 40 and must wire along with your tour payment

Online Regional Permit System

In order to streamline and facilitate smooth visitation by tourists from Bangladesh, India and Maldives, the Department of Immigration, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs and the Tourism Council of Bhutan have launched the Online Permit System. The system facilitates the online processing of permits for regional tourists through registered Bhutanese tour operators and TCB certified hotels. The facility is offered as an optional channel to process permits for visitors from the region and is applicable for entry from Paro and Phuntsholing. Visitors who use this facility will be able to obtain their permit clearances and route permits ahead of their arrival in Bhutan similar to international tourists. 

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